BOOMITHTHAI (Mother Earth cottage Industry) பூமித்தாய்  (குடிசைக்கைத்தொழில்)

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we believe in nature Living. We are based in Sri Lanka, but we work with devotees worldwide. We thrive on making a difference to natural, Organic, Homegrown foods.


How It All Began

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Boomiththai (Mother-earth) பூமித்தாய்  Natural pure Organic products’


By single mothers Arivayar Sangam, Karai Nagar, Jaffna Srilanka

பூமித்தாய்  (குடிசைக்கைத்தொழில்) Boomiththai Mother Earth Cottage Industry 

Ref:  Boomiththai (Mother Earth cottage Industry) 2nd August 2020

To  All

We have witnessed the root cause of single parent’s problems here in Karainagar, Jaffna, Srilanka is mainly financial and job losses. In order to help out we have formed a Magalir Sangam called “Arivayar Kulu” with single mothers with children. We have so far 30 such members in Karainagar.

Our aim is to employ as many as possible and pay wages 100 Srilanka Rupees per hour. So far we have employed 15people on a part time and full time basis. Full time people we pay 15000 Srilanka Rupees per month and part time Rs 100 per hour. Full timers are employed for cooking and cleaning duties and part timers for various other jobs like watering plants gardening, planting trees, collecting herbs etc..... The government jobs for our people are only a few. In the meantime we have started a cottage industry making organic natural food and medicinal items and sell them to pay these people and employ as many people as possible. We have listed all items we are making.

We have posted some of these items to UK and Canada and there is a good welcome from these countries for our products. We have to stop sending items abroad as postage is very high now as fewer flights due to Corona. We have invested so far 10 lacks Srilanka rupees for this project. For some mothers we have settled their heavy high interest loan (meter interest, hourly interest, and monthly interest) and they are paying the capital back each month affordable to our Magalir sangam. As the business growing and demand growing so is single mothers.

We have been carrying on with this project for the past year slowly and steadily with Babaji’s blessing it is a great success. So it is suggested by our foreign devotees that they will donate a sum towards this cause as donations or as repayable loan in 3-months notice. We are asking our devotees to donate 100 to 500 GBP pounds (one only payment) which is returnable when ever on a 3-months notice without interest. Only capital is returned. We have a zero interest policy. For example Dr Leela Chandrakumar has donated £300. £100 to buy and prepare items another £100 to Arivayar Kulu and the final £100 worth of goods she buys and distribute to her people in Colombo.

***All our products are Organic, Home Grown, carefully selected, Hand Picked, Sundried & Made Naturally

by Babaji Yoga single parents. We would like to thank all the people donating to UKBYS on a monthly basis

Cottage Industry Karainagar, Jaffna, Srilanka. (குடிசைக்  கைத்தொழில்)  காரைநகர், யாழ்ப்பாணம். சிறீலங்கா   Ph: 0779705990      0763856886   

All our products are Organic, Home Grown, carefully selected, Hand Picked, Sundried & Made Naturally.

*****All Homemade pure organic products. Made by Babaji Yoga Single Parents Group

Karainagar, Jaffna, Srilanka.   காரைநகர், யாழ்ப்பாணம். சிறீலங்கா

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